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Check Safety Features

We know how important it is to have security features built into your checks to protect you. With as much exchanging of information as we have today, it is crucial for businesses to take precautions to prevent identity theft and fraud. This is why we've built in numerous features to deter check fraud and provide you with peace of mind.

The safety features we have incorporated into all of our Manual and Laser checks include the following:

  1. Warning Band in border of the check indicating the document contains security features.
  2. A typical copier or scanner cannot duplicate MicroPrinting in the signature line on laser checks and in the border on manual checks that repeats the words “original document.”
  3. The “MP” Logo, which stands for MicroPrinting and is recommended by the Financial Stationers Association.
  4. A Padlock Icon inside the border that indicates that at least two security features are included on the check.
  5. A Security Screen printed on the back of each check reads “original document” with a list of the security features and will not photocopy clearly.


Additional Features With Basketweave Safety Paper (Manual Checks)

  • Full solvent sensitivity.
  • Invisible security fibers are not detectable by the unaided eye, but are visible under a UV light source.
  • Ghost security pattern does not reproduce on photocopier or scanning equipment.
  • Color security pattern complicates attempts to alter the document using cut-and paste forgery techniques.
  • A UV dull feature makes this product easy to distinguish from typical printing paper when viewed with a
    UV light source.