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Reorder Reminder Service

Remind your customers to reorder from YOU without even contacting them!

Join our FREE Reorder Reminder Service

When you opt in to this FREE program, a Reorder Reminder Form complete with your company name & contact information is placed in the last box of your customer’s shipment.

Reorders are quick and easy for both you and your customer because the form provides:

  • Your Contact Information
  • Original Ship Date
  • Product Description
  • Plant Order Number
  • Quantity Ordered
  • Distributor P.O. Number

This service keeps your name in front of your ever-changing list of customer contacts.

Plus new contacts will always know to call you – not your competition – with reorders and new orders!

Download a PDF example (XYZ Company) here

Independent Folders Customers, Sign up NOW!

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When you click "Sign Up", you'll be immediately signed up for the service. Your next order will include the Reorder Reminder Form in your customer's last box.

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