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Reinforced folders display your presentation effectively with reinforcement to add longevity.  

Reinforced Folders

Presentation folders with full glued reinforcing tabs on both pockets


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Reinforced Folder Styles

Two pocket reinforced presentation folder

9 9/16" x 12" Reinforced Folder
Two 4" pockets
One right pocket reinforced presentation folder

9" x 12" Reinforced Folder
Two 4" pockets
Continuous pocket reinforced presentation folder

9 9/16" x 12" Reinforced Folder
Continuous pocket
Top reinforcement pocket folder

9" x 11 3/4" Reinforced Folder
Two 3 3/4" pockets, reinforced top

Why Reinforced Pocket Folders from Independent Folders?

When you want custom presentation marketing solutions for your company that enhances your brand image but also provides the durability and longevity you desire, you need a reinforced presentation folder.

The reinforced pocket folder design allows withstanding daily handling and loading of materials. The full glued reinforcing tab goes over the top of the pocket gluing, thus making a secure bond when you add multiple layers of marketing materials and documents to your presentation folder.

Need something stronger yet? Consider the continuous pocket design of RF-115 - the design allows a staple to be placed in the center spine of the folder if requested. Overall lamination is available on any presentation folder style and can add a high gloss luster while providing resistance to moisture and tearing.

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