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Pocket presentation folders make your presentation one that stands out against the competition.  

Presentation Folders

Custom printed letter size 9" x 12" pocket presentation folders


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Standard Presentation Folder Styles

Two pocket folder
- Most Popular
9" x 12" Presentation Folder
Two 4" Pockets
One left pocket folder

9" x 12" Presentation Folder
One Left 4" Pocket
One right pocket presentation folder

9" x 12" Presentation Folder
One Right 4" Pocket
Presentation folder with unglued pockets

9" x 12" Presentation Folder
Two 4" Unglued Pockets
Presentation folder with unglued pockets

9" x 12" Flash Drive Folder
4 3/4" pocket, 2" flash drive pouch
Right vertical pocket presentation folder

9" x 12" Presentation Folder
One Vertical Pocket
Presentation folder with horizontal and vertical pocket
9" x 12" Presentation Folder
Horizontal and Vertical Pocket
Presentation folder with continuous pocket (stapled or unstapled)

9" x 12" Presentation Folder
Continuous pocket
Curved pocket presentation folder

8 3/4" x 11 5/8" Presentation Folder
Two curved pockets
Presentation folder with locking flap

9" x 12" Presentation Folder
Two pockets, Locking flap

Why Presentation Folders from Independent Folders?

When you seek quality printed presentation folder marketing solutions or custom printed promotional materials, look for the print manufacturer that has taken pride with producing quality work for over 75 years. Independent Folders is dedicated to offering you 5-star service while offering custom printed presentation folder marketing products that are sure to wow your customers.

Presentation folders are a great way to enhance the brand image of your company. Great for promotions, product information or corporate correspondence, a custom printed presentation folder will give your company a polished, professional appearance that attracts future customers and employees to your business. Presentation folders demand attention!

Custom print your presentation folders with any combination of ink colors or foil embellishments on a white or colored paper we have available in our paper selection library. Looking for a different paper or something specific? Give folder printing experts a call!

We offer a variety of pocket folders and combinations of folder marketing solutions, with templates customized to your company's needs. Display your company brand with a single pocket, double pocket or triple pocket presentation folder. See our collection of dies in our folder template library available for download.

Looking for a smaller holder or folder to hold documents? We offer a variety of paper wallets with expandable pockets and in an assortment of white, off-white and specialty color papers in numerous smooth, linen and feltweave textures.

Don't see what you're looking for? We'll help you find it! Give the presentation folder printing experts a call today!

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