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Email Marketing Service

Send custom-designed email promotions with your contact info to your customers by pushing a button.

Join our FREE Email Marketing Service

Receive a professionally designed, quarterly, self-promotional email promoting presentation solutions for you to forward to your customers!

Your name and contact info will appear in the client-safe email so it looks like it's from you. All you have to do is forward the email to your customers. You can even modify/add information to the email before you send it!

Each month, we'll focus on a different industry that purchases print products. We'll also feature new products and help you target new industries and increase your opportunity!

When you sign up, you will be on the list to receive monthly client-safe emails promoting print products for different applications and industries. To request past emails on vairous industries, see our email library. Your contact info will always appear in the email, so your marketing will be easy as clicking a button.

What distributors are saying:

"Wow, What a great idea these client safe emails are!!!!!" -Max, DE

"This will be really helpful!" -Stephanie, NC

"This rocks! I will blast it- tweet it now- then will be connected to my site by week's end. Doing a big update now. Thanks so much for the prompt service!!" -Cyndi, CO

"Thanks, Steve.  This is perfect." -Bernadette, NC

"I love that you send these client safe emails to us.  I just sent this off to all our hotel & hospitality clients.  Thanks so much!!" -Julie, MI

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